Founder-Dileep Kumar

The Founder

The story of Heilbronn is best told through our employees and clientele! Starting with one modest engineering office in Dubai in 2002, we have grown today to become a respected and sought after company for the diversified portfolio we offer with utmost dedication and determination.

The successful heights we reached is because of our professional motto of ensuring our clientele, employees, suppliers and sub-contractors are all happy and satisfied always. While we honor our staff by recognizing them for their hard work, awarding bonuses to outstanding employees is a tradition.

At Heilbronn, we always strive to deliver from our heart, the highest quality work within the stipulated time and budget. For us, our client is the King!

Our constant endeavor has been to be self-sufficient. Being a self-financed company, we try our best to avoid bank loans, which is a rare phenomenon in the market today. And this is one of our challenges, too. But we tread consciously, aware of our weaknesses and strengths.

We undertake projects that we can deliver with utmost sincerity and quality. Our commitment to respect deadlines and budgets is the single most important factor that has kept Heilbronn far ahead of its competitors. And our long – list of repeat clientele is just testimony to the trust and faith we enjoy in the market!

In fact, I never allowed greed to overtake my ambitions. We have faced numerous challenges since the inception of Heilbronn. However, I strongly believe there is always a good solution for every problem. God has been so kind to us in this wonderful journey so far.

My dream is to provide 500 more jobs in the next 2 years; improve the welfare of current employees, and to construct more assets for regular rental income and constant growth.

I extend my sincere gratitude to our clientele for their unstinting interest and love towards Heilbronn. I, hereby, promise to devote the management towards upholding our customer values.
Dileep Kumar. AV.
–Dileep Kumar. AV.